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We Stand Together In Solidarity Against Racism and Violence

Together we RISE in the fight for a fair and just society. Discovery has always stood for equal treatment, inclusion, and mutual respect for all.

Discovery is proud to support organizations like Save the Children and others fighting to Reduce Inequality and Support Empowerment. Our partners at Save the Children reach hundreds of millions of children every year, promoting racial equity and ensuring children have access to the learning and resources they need to succeed in school and life – empowering future generations today.

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Our collective voices have the power to end racism. Voters can hold candidates and elected officials accountable on these issues. To make your voice heard, start here:

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At Discovery, we power the passions that make us human. But many people lack the opportunity to pursue those passions in everyday life. You can help change that.

Donate to Save the Children and help us improve social mobility by providing access to basic human needs and education programs to 10M+ people around the world.