Food Network's Chef Katlego and Chef Nti host a "Cook Off" with Save the Children South Africa

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Last month, Food Network’s Chef Nti and Chef Katlego hosted a one-off “Cook off” event with a group of inspiring children who are part of Save the Children South Africa’s “Children on the Move” project.

South Africa remains a preferred country of refuge for migrants from across Southern Africa and other regions. At least 20,000 immigrants and migrants look for refuge in South Africa each year. Rising xenophobic sentiments, human rights violations, extortion and lack of protection are common challenges faced by all migrants. Women and unaccompanied minors are particularly at risk of physical and sexual violence, contracting communicable diseases and abandonment.

Child migrants, whether they are asylum seekers, victims of trafficking, smuggled children, or unaccompanied and separated migrant children, struggle to access basic services such as education and healthcare, mainly because no documentation system exists for these children.

SCSA’s Children on the Move project aims to improve the well-being and development of Unaccompanied and Separated Migrant Children (USMC). This is achieved through realization of the following:

  1. Increased access to services and appropriate short, medium and long-term solutions for children on the move in South Africa
  2. Increased demand from children on the move in South Africa
  3. Increased acceptance and integration of children on the move in South Africa.

Save the Children and Discovery RISE are working together to protect education through our Safe Back to School campaign, particularly those children whose education and livelihood has been dramatically affect by both the pandemic and their backgrounds.

All children have a right to access education. All children also have a right to access social services, regardless of whether they have an identification document or not. Help Save the Children and Discovery RISE access education, and access social services.

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